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Commitment To Excellence

Training is a process that utilizes a systematic and organized procedure where the trainees acquire the necessary technical knowledge and skills to implement their purpose. Employee training in a company is a process the recruits undergo to increase their skills, knowledge, efficiency, and core competency so they can do their assigned job in a much better way. Therefore, company training is crucial as it not only increases the effectiveness of its employees, it also contributes to the overall growth of the organization.

Here at Cube&Arrow Inc., we have expert trainers for each service we offer. They are dedicated to providing top-notch training to our staff to meet each of our client’s specific needs. We aim to provide our clients the helping hand they need to manage and run their business more efficiently. Reach out to us directly to discuss your goals and hit the bull’s eye on your objectives.

What Makes A Great Trainer?

Short answer: They must have technical expertise. The technical expertise of the company and its assigned trainer is the most essential thing they need to have to teach the new hires. The person who conducts the training procedure should be competent, professional, and experienced within their specific fields. They should also know what tools and training modules are effective to use when conducting training sessions for new and current employees.


To create a fruitful training course for the company, the trainer should possess a few more qualities, like being a good listener, organized, and know how to make things fun. They can approach the training strategically (it’s a case-to-case basis), encourage engagement among participants, and enjoys repetitive analysis to increase everyone’s improvement. 

About Us

At Cube&Arrow Inc., our knowledgeable trainers can bring out the best from our staff. We go the extra mile in serving our clients with a tailored, well-thought approach. With this, rigorous training is a must, We know the value of your business and how important it is to take care of your business. Our team of professional VAs and agents is well-trained to ensure we deliver a satisfying quality.

What We Do

We have created a workforce that serves as our client’s business extension. We can easily adapt and embrace the changing trends, yet stand firm on our core values and skills. Therefore, this makes us an ideal virtual contact center to provide top-tier support for a wide variety of business niches. Our skilled virtual workers are equipped with the best training to give you the assistance you deserve. We offer budget-friendly rates for our expert virtual assistant service and other business solutions we provide.


What are you waiting for? Make your life easy and managing your business way easier. Contact us today!

Why Choose Hiring A Virtual Assistant
from Cube&Arrow Inc.

Know the Advantages of Hiring Cube&Arrow Inc.

We are a Jamaican-based offshore recruitment agency that specializes in providing premium outsourcing services like Telemarketing, Copywriting, and Virtual Assistants to small and medium-sized businesses and enterprises around the world like the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and Europe.

As a young and hip company that provides a wide range of outsourcing services, we offer our clients and their customers the best service there is to achieve their goals through efficient service and accurate reporting.

With structured business plans, specialist agents, and guaranteed overhead cost savings—our staffing solutions bring benefits to your business. Find out why choosing Cube&Arrow Inc. is a smart business move. Read more.

A virtual assistant and her client on a video conference call

Clients Testimonials

Value For Money

We offer the best rates for any type of customer support or sales and marketing campaign. Expect profit with efficiency when you have us a partner by providing you the best value for your money.

24/7 Service

We integrate efficiency into our work ethics. Regardless of the time, day or occasion, we can provide you with nothing less than you expect from your team. We are always at your disposal.


We only choose call center agents that know the value of good client relations who can also provide outstanding work outputs. We can fine-tune our services to cater to any of our client’s challenging requests.

Dedicated Staff

All our remote staff is equipped with the right tools, hardware, and proper training. Just like those who work in an office building, our teams undergo thorough monitoring and performance assessment before and during the lifespan of an account. Managers and team leaders supervise regularly to ensure the desired output exceeds the client’s expectations.

Keyboard and Mouse

  Tom Perry, UK

I am very glad I found Cube&Arrow Inc., a virtual contact center that truly cares. Words were not enough to explain how grateful I am to work with them. They had helped me generate a lot of leads and turn prospects into actual customers. Excellent Support, Great Team. Keep up the good work.

Tina Robertson, Canada

Cube&Arrow Inc. has been an instrumental feature in assisting my design company to move up to a higher level. They have provided excellent customer support and their candidates are top-notch. I’m very pleased with the staff that they have assigned me to and I’m looking forward to expanding my team with them.


Jerry Pierce, UK

Our virtual assistant and appointment setter are great. She’s very professional and very easy to work with. She’s doing a great job of scheduling appointments and our sales department is very happy. They can finally focus on performing more presentations and follow-ups than on chasing down appointments. Sales are up.”

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