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10 Ways To Improve Customer Engagement

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Customers are the most integral part of any business model because without them, businesses can’t thrive. Increased customer growth is how many businesses stay operational and profitable, however, this is not an easy task. Studies have shown that excited and involved customers bring in 23% more profit. That is a lot! There are issues that arise, and as technology becomes more advanced, these can be decreased by non-conventional means of interaction. The structure of many modern business models doesn't necessarily make this a challenge, especially in industries where technology makes it possible to conduct business without ever meeting consumers directly. Businesses that lack or have a significant reduction in customer engagement can be restored with compassion, dedication and innovation.

Customer engagement is necessary if your business is going to succeed. This requires that you spend time figuring out your customers needs and creating products that will fill them.

To keep a customer engaged, businesses must involve excitement. Excitement is linked to positive experiences which enables customer connection. The perfect example of elite brand engagement is shown with sports organizations who connect with their patrons so much that they make that team a part of their identity.

There are many ways in which companies can seek to increase brand engagement with their customer base. We will be discussing ten of these important practices that companies must seek to implement in order to stay relevant in an ever-changing, connected world.

Show Behind the Scenes

Customers being witnesses to never before seen footage, especially on social media, is an immersive experience. This emotional experience is something that many customers dream of and are quite appreciative of. It brings a certain level of transparency to the table and shows how willing you are to be open to what goes on in the preparation of goods and services.

Build an Online Community

The main benefits of online communities, such as forums, are that companies can directly answer questions, hold necessary discussions, and increase brand awareness. With social media ever-changing, many platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn facilitate the creation of virtual environments where companies can interact with their customers.

Use Surveys

Most social media platforms have incorporated a polling feature which can be used to ask customers easy questions that are very insightful to your brand. This acquired data can be analyzed, and the findings interpreted in such a way that businesses can use the information to promote, improve or increase growth. Social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram are perfect for hosting surveys.

Be Relatable

Studies have revealed that almost 80% of people have indicated that brands are not tailored to their needs. When it comes to being personable to their customers, heavyweights such as Amazon and Netflix have hunkered down. Small brands must tailor their approach to suit their niche as this trend is important to successful branding, customer engagement and retention.

Unique Packaging

The saying goes “A first impression goes a long way.” This is what brands should capitalize on when presenting a product or offering a service. How a customer reacts to the first sight of your product will hold steadfast in their mind for years to come. We have seen how YouTube personalities have captivated audiences with “unboxing” which is quite influential to brand recognition. The first impression must always resonate with the customer and create an extraordinary encounter that will last a lifetime.

Design meaningful products that your customers will fall in love with.

Be Meaningful

In an ever changing world, upcoming generations connect with brands that care about the important things in life. An example of this is the environment, as customers, especially those of the Millennial and Generation X era, gravitate to brands that focus on sustainable growth. Companies that promote environmental health and conservation can be found in the 73% that customers want to support. Brands that are renowned leaders in the sustainability movement will have a huge customer base due to this.

Customers Love Contests

Researchers have discovered that a 34% boost has been seen by companies that incorporate contests in their engagement strategy. Contests are fun and easy, and they are a great way to start a relationship between new consumers. Even the ones who have been around for a while will appreciate the company giving back to those who are always supportive of the brand.

Make Consumers Part of your Company

We all love to feel wanted and this is shown easily when we are a part of a team. Consumers are no exception to this. Many companies have promoted customers on their social media, especially those who are involved in the sale of products such as footwear. Nike is notorious for the promotion of their customers’ talents, and seeks to always highlight and motivate loyal customers. The prevalence of vlogging as a means of generating income also leads to quite a few companies partnering with consumers by appointing them as brand ambassadors. Special company milestones should be shared, and gifts such as coupons and discounts are always welcomed by customers, both new and old.

Create Value

Brand loyalty is created by value and trust. You earn customer value by giving the customer what they want. The perfect example of this is Amazon Prime, because it provides customers with fast delivery of their packages, but also allows customers to have access to cloud storage, music, TV shows and movies. Google is also the next example of this as the usage of its storage subscription service, Google One, includes additional perks for customers. These range from extra benefits from other Google products, like Google Play credits, special hotel pricing, and more. Google One also provides subscribers with 40% off select hotels, provided they book while signed into their Google One account.

Be Innovative

Starbucks’ pumpkin spice latte reminded many patrons about positive childhood recollections, and thus they found incredible success when they launched this new product. The willingness to try new things is something companies, big and small, should not shy away from. These innovative products and services will most likely pay off when strategized correctly. Business leaders should create an environment that doesn’t incite fear, but encourage progressive thinking.

There are a variety of ways for business leaders to evoke excitement and boost engagement with consumers. Social media is definitely at the forefront. The common ingredient in these 10 recipes for success is putting the customer first. Ensure that the customer is the primary target for you and your company, and it will be easier to design methods that they will undoubtedly enjoy. Engaging with your customers is great for your marketing initiatives and improving your business overall. The more contact you have with the people who support your business, the more successful it will become. Your customers are more likely to refer their friends if you have high engagement with them, so the more you connect with your consumer base, the more traction your business will gain.

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