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Boosting Your Career With A Freelancing Agency: Beginners Guide

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Creating profit on the internet can be a daunting task. With freelance platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork becoming highly competitive day by day, establishing your profile might become difficult. Both Upwork and Fiverr are established, excellent companies and do differ but have one main similarity. The similarity is they both offer collective groups which enable freelancers to contract new opportunities. The names of collaborative groups differ on each platform. Upwork refers to these groups as agencies, while Fiverr refers to them as studios.

Let us start with Upwork and how freelancers benefit from being a part of an agency. Agencies play an integral role in the Upwork community. They range from small to vast groups of professionals that embark on very large or complicated projects. They are teams of professionals that typically take on large or complex projects. Agencies differ on Upwork, with some being like-minded freelancers who link their skills to work in an efficient unit. Other agencies are offline companies that use Upwork to source new clientele in a new market. Both types of agencies can be quite essential to freelancers as they will provide unique opportunities. Once formed, agencies work hard to provide the highest level of service to their clients.

Upwork's agencies have assisted 150'000 customers, thus making it of utmost importance that freelancers understand this feature. There are many opportunities associated with Upwork's agencies.

Upwork's agencies assist freelancers in many ways :

Reducing Competition

Agencies allocate different roles, resulting in you getting work related to your skillset and reducing the need to bid in a more competitive freelancer marketplace.

Know your worth:

Clients' ability to change the cost of a project can be pretty impactful for a freelancer as it could shortchange your value. Agencies foster skill development and provide new opportunities. Through agencies, Freelancers receive tasks suited to their current skill sets and have the ability to charge more for their services as their rates depend on the agreement with the agency, not the client.

Constructive Criticism:

Agencies allow freelancers to receive insightful opinions to produce quality work on every project and further allow freelancers to develop their skills and increase their prices.

Efficient Communication

Efficient communication and elite customer service is the difference between a successful freelancer and an unsuccessful one. Agencies allow for communication between you, the freelancer, and the client. The agency manager would direct critical information to you to assist in achieving a quality product or service.

On Fiverr, the name of the collective group changes; it is called a studio. Fiverr Studios is an element that unites different and like-minded skill sets. They unite under the banner of a Studio Gig, which allows Fiverr sellers to offer various services to many clientele. A Fiverr Studio consists of Studio Gigs, Studio Leads, and Studio Members. Studio Gigs are just simply a band of sellers that offer their joint talents. Studio Leads are sellers who are allowed to create Studios and add Studio Gigs and Studio Members. Studio Members are freelancers who join Studio Gigs and can join up to three Studio Gigs, creating diversity projects.

Virtual conference of company employees seen on a laptop screen | Cube & Arrow Inc
Conference Time | Cube & Arrow Inc

As freelancers who are Fiverr Studio Members, your growth potential increases, plus you get access to a new revenue stream. A perfect example of your growth potential advancing as a Fiverr Studio Member is when your Studio consists of graphic designers, copywriters, and photographs. You are introduced to an entirely new aspect of skills, especially when you are seeking to grow. Fiverr Studios facilitate growth as many members are willing to impart knowledge for the increased functionality of their Studio. The benefits of Fiverr Studios are invoice management, strict responsibilities, continuity of service.

Invoice management is essential for every freelancer as you aim to track all your payments. With Fiverr Studios, this problematic aspect of the freelance experience is quick and easy because the Fiverr Platform and your Studio Lead manage all financials, thus focusing on crucial matters. Being responsible and professional at all times is a quality that freelancers forget to maintain. Fiverr Studios allow for strict but flexible established timelines to increase your efficiency and facilitate any hiccup you might encounter.

Lastly, services are essential for a freelancer as life happens and unforeseen circumstances might arise. Fiverr's Studios allow for an easy workaround as a team member can substitute for you so that you can attend to your important affair.

The benefits of using Upwork's agencies and Fiverr's Studios are far-ranging and differ in some aspects. They find their similarities in some of the cons of using them as with every service.

We are living in a different era! The working world as we know it is no longer heavily based on the physical workspace. Companies worldwide have adapted to online work, and more opportunities are available for Freelance work across the globe. At Cube&Arrow Inc., we offer representatives the opportunity to work from their own homes, and we build our teams on behalf of our clients.

We provide companies with Customer Service representatives, Virtual Assistants, and Article Writers. As an online-based company, we have also reaped the rewards of joining platforms such as Upwork. It provides a safe space for businesses to operate and allows Freelancers to access opportunities suited for their skillset.

Our Upwork Agency Profile:

If you are new to the world of online work, joining an agency on one of the Freelance platforms is a great way to get started. In closing, freelancers should be open to joining these teams on both Fiverr and Upwork as they will learn new skills and expertise.

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