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Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies to Generate Leads.

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Lead Generation is a significant part of boosting sales, but leads do not instantly convert to paying customers. There is still work to be done to convince your leads into sealing the deal with a purchase.

This blog will take you through three prominent Social Media Marketing Strategies that, if done correctly, will generate leads for your business and build the trust required to make purchases.

Social Media Marketing Strategies

  • Website Development

  • Social Media Analytics

  • Social Media Advertising

Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies to Generate Leads.

Website Development

User Interface

When it comes to your website, you know how you want it to look and the features it should have, but most importantly, you should know your users, from their goals, tendencies, skills, to their preferences. Having your users in mind, consider the following when structuring your user interface (UI):

  • Keep It Simple - Avoid unnecessary elements and use clear language for all labels and messages. The best interfaces are almost invisible to the user.

  • Strategic Page Layout - Structure the page based on importance. Placing items in a manner that highlights important information increases readability.

  • Use Typography- Carefully consider the sizes, fonts, and arrangement of the text to increase readability.

  • Colour Coordination – If used strategically, you can attract attention to or redirect it away from areas on the website using light, colour patterns, and contrast.

  • Maintain Consistency with Common UI Elements – UIs with common elements make your users feel comfortable and allows them to complete their tasks on your website quickly. Creating patterns in the layout, design, and language throughout the facilitates efficiency.

  • Consider Defaults Settings – Make it easy for your users to navigate your website by anticipating goals you hope your leads will accomplish. Consider the benefit of pre-filled slots when designing your forms and signup sheets.

  • System Communication – Keeping your users informed will prevent irritability. So, select UI elements that indicate changes such as:

  • Saved

  • Blank field

  • Error

  • Next step

  • Required field

User Friendliness

A successful website is dependent on its usability. Many businesses believe having a website is enough and usability is ignored, but keep in mind that the website is for your leads to get to know you better and eventually become paying customers. This will not happen if your website is difficult to navigate.

Website usability is about making it easy for leads to access the information they need hassle-free. To achieve this, we recommend the list below to improve user interaction.

  • Mobile Compatibility -If your website cannot be accessed on mobile devices, you can redesign your website and make the necessary adjustment to accommodate smaller screens. Google mobile site tester can help to check how your existing website appears in mobile view.

  • Accessible to All Users - Ensure that your website is accessible by everyone.

  • Fast Load Times - Ensuring that your website loads within 4 to 6 seconds reduces user frustration and is essential for good usability. It also affects your search engine ranking.

  • Usable Forms - Forms allow users to interact with the site and help to generate leads. They should be easy to find, and using the pre-filled slot for some fields will make your forms easy to use.

  • Well-Formatted Content That Is Easy to Scan - Internet content is typically scanned rather than read. Condense your information into main ideas and carefully arrange; headings, sub-headings, paragraphs, bullets, or lists to make it easier to read.

  • Effective Navigation - Simplicity is key. HTML or JavaScript menus have proven sufficient in maintaining website consistency on all platforms. For larger sites with multiple pages, a drop-down menu or sub-navigation may work better.


Now that you have created the perfect user-friendly website with standard UI features, does it work?

Your user quickly finds the form he/she needs and is filling it out with ease, being guided by the lovely System Communication, and hits “Send.” Is it sent?

Ensure that your website does what it was built to do by utilising standard web design practices to carry out core functions, detect problems and troubleshoot when necessary.

Social Media Analytics

Social listening

Social listening gets to the focal point of the social conversations and implements long-term strategic changes. You may then create the content your leads want and, in doing so, generate more. From there, you can use the industry trends to come up with new ideas, interact directly with customers, and continuously shift your techniques to accommodate needs as they arise.

Social Media Content Planning

Considers what other businesses in your industry are doing to fuel engagement on social media. How are they bringing in the likes, views, shares, and comments? The answer is in the social media marketing technique used to deliver their content. Take note of this and consider adapting it with more originality and style. When creating your social media content, include frequently searched keywords. Conduct in-depth research to facilitate the constant flow of content ideas that will attract your target audience.

Social Media Analytics

To determine the progress of your social media marketing strategies, you must track the data. There are many Social Media Analytics Tools that can provide this service. You can select the best one for your business. These tools help to measure your most successful social media marketing techniques and identify ineffective strategies. Associating tags to marketing campaigns is a great way to track their progress. Ensure that you use these tools for each social platform to know which content performs the best with your leads.

Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising tools precisely pinpoint the target audience for your ads. You can categorise your leads based on their demographics, interests, behaviours, and more.

These tools can make bulk changes, automate processes, and optimize your ads when running many social media advertising campaigns at once.

Publishing a regular blog is a continuous advertising strategy that offers advice in your industry and builds a lasting relationship with your leads.

You will also find that sending out newsletters to your subscribers is a great way to remind them of your services and introduce new services to keep them engaged.

Hosting Contests and Giveaways

An exciting way of generating leads is by hosting contests and giveaways for your audience. You may instruct your audience to share your content with a few friends to win a prize. Be sure to select prizes your leads are interested in for greater participation.

These short-term engagements allow you to acquire large amounts of lead over a short period. Once you have the interest and attention of new leads, do not let them slip away. Analyse and categorize your new leads to better understand what they need so you can provide it.

The pandemic has been increasingly difficult for many people, and it may have also affected your business. So, where possible, offer discounts on an in-demand service to hold onto existing clients and build brand loyalty. You may also consider bunding complementary services to provide clients with a great deal they cannot pass up.

Giveaways may be challenging to initiate in the beginning, so start small. Test it out on one service and analyse the outcome. There are many Social Media Contest Tools you can use for this step of your lead generation processes, so do not despair!

Generating a large amount of lead is fantastic, and you are doing a great job. Simultaneously, do not ignore your high-quality leads because they are more likely to make a purchase and move along your company’s sales line. Maintain your relationship with your most loyal leads through continued engagement. Lastly, always remember that having a large following is meaningless if they never become real customers.

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