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How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Driven Contact Centers Enhance the Customer Experience.

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

With the popular belief that the computer uprising will soon be upon us, Contact centers have made the smart choice to befriend them.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been the subject of many controversial topics, such as the belief mentioned earlier. However, the more immediate concern is that businesses will fully invest in intelligent robots over humans.

Fortunately, experts have dismissed this worry, especially when it comes to AI in Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO). Accenture’s research asserts that AI enhances human intelligence with efficient analytics to improve the quality and effectiveness of employee decisions.

While Artificial Intelligence is modernizing customer service strategies by making human agents more efficient, it is not here to replace us.

Improving Customer Service Representative (CSR) With AI Technologies

Customers are now expecting an exceptional customer experience from every company they engage with and refuse to settle for anything less.

As today’s marketplace becomes more competitive, your company’s success depends on seamless customer experiences that are engaging and compels them to become loyal followers of your business.

Here are four key areas of AI implementation that enhance the overall customer experience.

  • Improving customer self-service.

  • Reducing customer effort.

  • Providing personalized responses.

  • Increasing first-call resolution (FCR).

Predictive Analytics and Automation Though AI Technologies

Artificial intelligence is an excellent way for CSRs to improve productivity and provide personalized customer service in real-time. However, the automated and analytical capabilities that AI offers prove to be quite expensive, which is why many businesses opt to outsource customer service solutions.

Whether organizations choose to outsource or create in-house AI customer services, they are sure to optimize their business processes with real-time data analytics and significantly reduce human error to improve the company’s overall performance. Contact centers are investing in AI technologies due to the benefit of automating reparative and time-consuming tasks, to allow contact center agents enough time to focus on core duties that drive customer engagement and satisfaction.

Utilizing chatbots or phone-enabled AI agents to assist customers with simple tasks and to respond to general inquiries will significantly reduce customer time and effort. While more complex matters are directed to a live agent for a more personalized engagement. This process augments CSR’s job and significantly improves your company’s customer service and support strategies.

What does AI Really Do?

When a customer calls, AI captures data points based on their vocal characteristics, previous call history, the nature of their concern, and the representative’s response. The system can flag a potential issue much sooner than a human operator would and intervene more rapidly. In other words, AI can predict the likelihood of a customer becoming upset and suggest a change before that happens.

Customers utilize many means of communicating with their brands. Some post reviews on google, others mention brands on social media platforms, and many will attempt to connect with chatbots or send an email from the website.

All this data can be harnessed and integrated into a customer profile, to which the most suitable agent will promptly be assigned to provide the appropriate response before the matter escalates. AI-powered call quality monitoring makes this a reality.

Here are additional benefits of AI analytics:


  • Automatically captures call data, routes customers to the appropriate agents based on customer input and mood, and creates a profile for future reference that can be used in the contact center and other business areas. This is done automatically for every call. No human intervention is required.


  • Contact center AI provides in-depth analysis of individual calls at a humanly impossible rate. Each call is measured and compared against performance benchmarks and integrated with outside data to give a clear picture and actionable insights.


  • AI is directly integrated with the contact center systems and equipment, giving them immediate insight into the captured data and a call’s potential outcome. The result is faster response times, a higher first-call-resolution rate, and happier customer service agents who now have the tools to do their job at a higher level.

AI-Powered Contact Centers During a Pandemic

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Driven Contact Centers Enhance the Customer Experience.

With customer service agents and other staff often working from home, the nature of a traditional call center has evolved into a decentralized contact carter. AI helps to bridge the efficiency gap, keep everyone connected remotely, and provide real-time support for both agents and the managers who need to monitor and call quality.

Organizations across almost every industry are weathering this storm. AI allows for 24/7 response times while staying socially distant with most staff working from home, without much disturbance to regular business operations.

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