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How To Find The Best Freelancers Online: The Perfect Guide

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

As a client, getting the perfect freelancer or team for your project is very important. Hiring the wrong freelancer can prove to be disastrous. You therefore need to be adept with the steps involved in finding the ideal talent for your business.

There are different ways of finding freelancers, but the most popular of all is through freelancing websites. Recruiting talented freelancers has its pros and cons, especially if you're not familiar with the online workspace.

The following tips will guide you to make the process easier.

Finding legitimate home based jobs are not easy, neither is locating the correct freelancer.

Tip #1: Choose the Right Platform

There are dozens of freelancing platforms. You will need to make a shortlist of suitable ones based on certain criteria. You will then need to examine the job and compare it to what each platform specializes in. 99Designs is a popular platform for graphic design.

If you need writers, however, 99Designs would not be the platform for you. Visit platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, etc. instead.

Many freelancing platforms offer a variety of services. On Upwork, for example, you can find a freelancer for almost every task. If you are concerned with graphic design, consider looking into websites dedicated solely to graphic designing. This healthy competition will provide you with a wide variety of outstanding designers to choose from.

You must select the right platform based on your needs. There may be several platforms that fit the bill of what you are looking for; how then do you choose? You need to know that the best freelancers are usually on the best platforms. The charge of a smaller platform is often significantly lesser, but so is the quality.

Some excellent examples are:

Knowing the pros and cons of these prominent website platforms will help you to choose the platform that truly meets your requirements.

Cube&Arrow Inc. being a virtual contact center has leveraged the services of Freelancers on many of these platforms. We are in the business of supplying businesses with quality remote workers. If you are further interested in our portfolio you can check out our Upwork profile here:

Tip #2: Consider The Portfolios of The Freelancers

Many freelancing websites and platforms require freelancers to create a portfolio. The portfolio contains necessary information about the freelancer. It enables you to know the kind of service the freelancer can offer, as well as other similar projects the freelancer has successfully completed. This is very important in choosing the ideal freelancer.

You do not want to choose someone that specializes or works majorly in product review to handle your creative writing, when other outstanding freelancers specialize in creative writing. You can also get valuable information about the freelancer and decide on whether or not they can give what you are looking for.

Tip #3: Don’t judge a freelancer only by reviews

Reviews are undoubtedly essential. They offer valuable insight into how well the freelancer has performed on previous projects. It is even better if the reviews are from a lot of people, as it depicts experience. For example, a freelancer with a 98% review rating from two hundred people is likely a better fit than one with a 99% rating from ten people. It often becomes tempting to judge how competent a freelancer is just by the reviews they have but this is not wise. You should do more than just look at the reviews. Interact with the freelancers to see if they can supply what you need. Examine their past projects and ask yourself if this is what you are looking for.

REMEMBER: The reviews are based on other people’s feelings. They are not a guarantee you would like what the person is offering.

Tip #4: Have cost in mind

This probably goes without saying. Think about your budget and assess if you can afford the services of the freelancer. People usually say ‘there is no cost to value,’ but that does not apply here. There is no point in straining your budget, particularly as a developing firm, if you can get the same quality or close at a lower price. That’s the logical thing to do. This doesn’t mean you should be stingy when looking for freelancers.

Set a reasonable budget and find the best freelancer that fits the bill. As you are developing, you could look at increasing the rate that you offer the freelancer. Tip#5: Consider many freelancers

Don’t limit yourself to a concise list of freelancers. Several freelancers are waiting for a job. Consider them. You do not have to employ them all, but you will be able to pick the best from a wide range of options. If you limit yourself to two or three names, you may be inadvertently settling for less. You can give test projects to assess the skills of the freelancers before you make your final decision.

Don’t be sentimental when choosing what is best for your business. If you are unsatisfied with what is being offered, just walk away. You are hurting your business if you keep a freelancer that provides low-quality work. Never forget that it is about finding the ideal talent for your business. If you believe you are getting poor projects from a trusted or reliable freelancer, rectify the situation. They may have a different outlook on the subject. A simple conversation may solve this.

Tip#6: Location is important

Freelancing platforms today are international. This means that you will have access to talent from all parts of the world on various platforms. Nevertheless, some projects are location specific. It would be odd to ask someone living in Brazil to describe a place in Nebraska. You would want to ask someone closer to that location. The quality of the project rendered will be different. This is a major factor that is often times overlooked but it severely affect the outcome of your project.

Searching for the right freelancer does not have to be an arduous task. Follow the guidelines listed above, and you will have very few problems. If something is not working, don’t hesitate to stop, do an evaluation and try something else.

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