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Why Offering Omnichannel Support May Be The Best Decision For Your Business

There is nothing more off-putting than poor customer service. When you have a problem, the last thing you want to do is wait on hold for hours to talk with a representative. Most of the time, there are many more steps to take before it is even possible to speak with a real person. To make matters worse, you feel like you’ve been talking about your problem until you’re blue in the face with no actual resolution. First, you tell the chatbot. Then you repeat it to the automated message on the phone. You still haven’t even spoken to a real agent yet, but you’re already preparing to reiterate your speech. Thankfully, there are customer service tools to help sidestep this exact problem. With omnichannel services, your customer service team can stay on the same page and make sure the nightmare described above does not happen to your customers.

Omni-channel support may involve multiple communication channels. This includes phone support, chat support, email support and others.

Establishing a customer support strategy and using the customer service tools at your disposal is vital to running a successful business. It is essential to interact with your customers and establish a rapport to create a positive experience for your clients. First, you must decide how you are going to connect with them. Think about your customers and the sort of experience they are looking to have when they need to contact you. Not all customers are the same, so you have to identify the people you serve and determine their needs. When they have a problem, you want to make it as easy as possible to reach a resolution. Every business has hiccups, but it’s how you handle them that keeps your customers coming back. If your customers know they can trust you to address problems quickly and effectively, then they will be more likely to want to give you their business. Omnichannel support will not only help you reach that goal but will also streamline your customer service techniques to make sure you spend less time worrying about each case.

What is omnichannel support, and why should your business care about it?

Do not discount quality customer service. Customers value a business that connects with them, and there are several ways to do this. Omnichannel service brings them all together. Omnichannel support connects all touchpoints (email, social media, in-person queries, website chat boxes, etc.) on the back-end while keeping a record of contact history per customer, regardless of the point of contact. This integrated approach to communication ensures that companies can seamlessly address a customer’s issue, regardless of how they choose to access them. Not only that, with Omnichannel support, customers can access progress updates on the same issue across various touchpoints without needing to repeat important details as all conversations would already be recorded.

Your customers appreciate excellent customer service, so it is important to prioritize it to make your business stand out to past and potential customers. If competition is stiff, omnichannel support could help you rise to the forefront. Omnichannel support can help companies to appear more unified. According to Reve Chat, developing strong omnichannel customer service strategies is crucial to retaining clients. Companies that have done so report an 89% customer retention rate which was considerably higher than their competitors at only 33% retention. It can be easy to put customer service on the back burner. However, this stark difference shows how your customer service strategy can make or break your business.

The problem with other customer service tools is that they are not consistent. Multi-channel support may seem like a similar tactic, but it is pretty different. Multi-channel support uses multiple platforms, but it is disjointed and less effective than omnichannel support. Omnichannel service allows customers to connect their information across channels to receive higher quality service. When you make it easier for customers to communicate with you, they are more likely to have a positive experience. According to Zendesk, context is the key to connecting with customers in a productive and meaningful way. They list among the many advantages of an omnichannel support strategy: quicker solutions to customer problems, higher revenue, and adding a personal touch to a client’s experience. With so many benefits, it’s worth it to dig a little deeper.

How do I know if omnichannel support is right for my business?

If you are not yet convinced that omnichannel customer service is the best route for your business, then these examples of ways you can use this type of service to your advantage will assure you. What can be challenging to facilitate with other methods like multi-channel support can become effortless with omnichannel support?

First, suppose you need to authenticate customers. In that case, omnichannel support allows customers to navigate different platforms to confirm their identity. By other methods, information is lost, and more work needs to be done to compile the necessary information. With omnichannel support, your platforms work together to create a seamless experience for your customers.

Second, if customers are unfamiliar with one platform, your company will be able to offer services on a platform that best suits their needs. Then, if a problem requires a more in-depth answer or more time to find a solution, they can use a platform that will keep them notified of your messages. With so many options, your business will look more professional, and customers will trust that you have the problem in hand. It has become easier than ever to interact with customers with these valuable tools.

How should I integrate omnichannel support into my business?

With so many resources at your fingertips, the possibilities for omnichannel support are endless. Here are three ways you can start to integrate omnichannel support.

  1. First, it is vital to connect with customers where they are. Fortunately, cell phones make that more accessible than ever. With 87% of customers using their phones to make purchases, it is no wonder that Acquire recommends upping your mobile game. The best way to do this is to make sure your FAQ and customer service information is accessible on the mobile version of your website.

  2. The next step is to ensure you are on top of your social media game. Replying to customers on time is crucial to creating a positive customer experience.

  3. Finally, you want to keep your customers coming back. A live chat option on your website can do this. According to Super Office, 63% of customers are more likely to come back to a website with the possibility of communicating with a business via live chat. The more convenient you make connecting with your company, the more motivated your clients will be to return.

You cannot understate the value of connecting with customers. Building a successful business requires building productive channels for your customers to reach you. If you can establish these three resources for your customers, you will be well on your way to providing top customer service in your business.

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