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Revamping The Hiring Process With Recruitment Automation

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Discussion on Revamping The Hiring Process With Recruitment Automation

Recruitment automation is the process of using automated rather than manual means to handle your hiring process. The recruitment process starts from the first point of contact with candidates to giving an offer letter.

The hiring process is one that is very much dreaded today because it is often very time consuming and tedious. But with recruitment automation, talent recruitment teams can now recruit talent faster and more effectively, as recruitment automation leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning technologies, and other analytical tools to evaluate and assess the qualifications of job candidates efficiently.

Here are three recruitment automation software that you can research to have a better understanding of how these tools work:

ClearCompany HRM

This recruitment automation tool allows talent recruitment teams and managers to create and post job openings on relevant platforms; and to manage and schedule interviews, referrals, and other necessary background checks.


This recruitment software is a favorite among small businesses. It handles the managing, tracking, and ranking of candidates for job postings. Its collaborative feature also allows talent recruiters to work together when hiring.


When it comes to AI, Workable is a front-runner in this industry. You can get recommendations on candidates and also assess them easily with this recruitment automation tool.

Pros of Recruitment Automation


The recruitment process usually takes time and effort when done manually. Any business owner knows time is money, and it makes no sense to take out a long process over a shorter one. And not just any shorter one now, but also a more efficient one, making it even more of a necessity for talent recruiters, especially those who are entrusted with filling roles for large corporations.

Many recruiters today understand this, and they’re still not on board with the idea because they believe installing a recruitment automation software will be more costly. This is debatable as there are budget friendly options available. The money companies spend on manually recruiting for every vacant position is sometimes higher than the one-time cost of installing automated recruitment software.

Better Engagement With Candidates

Engaging with job candidates is one of the most critical parts of the recruitment process. The demand for talent in the world today is high, and the best candidates are not always on the market for very long, about ten days on average, meaning every call, email, or text counts. With recruitment automation, you can increase the rates at which texts and emails are sent, which corresponds to more and better talent engagement.

Scheduling Interviews

This is a critical part of the recruitment process, but also very prone to error. There are lots of intricacies that go into scheduling interviews with candidates, and this only raises the probability of talent recruiters making mistakes that can harm the image of the company. With automated hiring tools, you can ensure that the scheduling of interviews is as hitch-free as possible. Not to mention the fact that you can also use these tools for other equally important factors like who the interviewer will be, as well as the location and time of the interview.

Better Candidate Sourcing

One of the very first stages of the hiring process is sourcing for the best candidates. The goal of sourcing for candidates is to garner enough data and information on candidates. If done correctly, the talent recruiter will have a high-quality talent pool to choose from. This is where automated hiring comes into play. Many automated recruitment software come with an applicant tracking system that makes the sourcing for candidates faster and more efficient.

Candidate Screening

Sourcing for candidates is one thing, choosing from them is another entirely. There may be hundreds of qualified candidates, screening them will cut the list down, and this further increases the chances of choosing the best option. As much as 90% of candidates may need to be cut, and doing this manually will unsurprisingly take a lot of time. You can speed up the process – without affecting its integrity – by using automated hiring tools.

Cons of Recruitment Automation

Lack of Reliability

Despite the many perks of recruitment automation, its apparent lack of reliability and accuracy is worrying. There have been instances where the automation software malfunctions and fails to consider some well-written applications and resumes. Some of the automated hiring tools are also quite inaccurate.

Little Flexibility

When it comes to hiring talent, recruiters need to be flexible and not take a very rigid stance. There are times when recruiters will have to make certain concessions for the greater good, like when the candidate is from a slightly different industry but with enough experience to benefit the company. Most recruitment automation software will not make these concessions and will overlook these candidates.

Keyword Hacking

Oh, you probably saw this coming. When it comes to technology, there’s always the risk of hacking. Many cunning candidates may work around the formula of these hiring tools and trick the automated tools with their use of keywords. This means that better candidates with little knowledge of the use of keywords may be at a disadvantage.

Best Practices to Ensure You Don’t Miss Out on Reliable Talent

Marketing Strategies

Yes, you’re a recruiter, not a marketer - we know this. But to get the best talent, you need to know how to market your company to them. You must try to make your company as attractive to the right candidates as possible so you can reel them in. talk about the perks and benefits offered and the resources available to employees or even opportunities for growth.


Getting the best talent at times may be as simple as asking for who the best talent is from people. Meet with other professionals in your industry and ask for referrals. Of course, you still need to screen these potential candidates, but it makes the whole hiring process easier, to some extent

Communication With Candidates

Engaging with candidates is vital. Keep them informed along the way so as not to lose valuable talent. You may also use this to nurture them for the job. Constant communication shows that you are intent on acquiring them and it lessens the number of inquiries your department will receive. candidates tend to reach out constantly when they have no idea what’s going on.

Effective Evaluations

It’s not enough to source and screen candidates, but you must also be adept at evaluating them. You need to know what to look for, as well as the right assessments to administer in order to shortlist the most qualified candidates.

Get a Team

You can’t do it alone. Don’t think for a second you can complete the process independently. It’s way too tedious. Get people to collaborate with. They may or may not be members of your company, but as long as they know their stuff, you can work together to get the job done.

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