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Why Hiring A Team Of Freelancers Might Be The Best Solution For Your Business

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

The term freelancing is gaining more and more popularity every day. A freelancer is simply a self-employed person without permanent ties to any company. Freelancing has been dubbed ‘the future’ by many experts. It is estimated that about 40% of the workforce in the United States comprises of freelancers. That figure is expected to rise to over 50% by 2027. The need for freelancers today is on the rise, a meteoric one. Every firm has problems, and if wrongly managed, it could prove fatal. It, therefore, necessitates the need for the best possible solution at all times. Below are some of the reasons why you should consider hiring a team of freelancers.

Very cost-effective

  • Freelancers offer excellent value for money. They are usually very vast and skilled in their trade.

  • They provide the same or even better services than many permanent employees, and they do this at a significantly lower price.

  • Permanent employees are usually entitled to housing, hazard, and clothing allowances amidst others. This is not the case with freelancers.

  • Also, there is the additional cost of training and retraining staff members on specific projects. Some other projects may even require the company to get extra materials and gadgets.

  • Imagine a company having to buy costly appliances for a job that they will only use once. That is wasting money. Freelancers often work with their own tools and are, in most instances, responsible for their training.

Freelancers cost way less than your average representative and they understand that they are acting as a self-employed person.

Lower financial risk

  • There is a lower financial risk of employing freelancers when compared with permanent employees. Freelancers are paid per project, implying that you have no financial obligation to them once they are done with a particular project.

  • In simple terms, when the project is completed, the relationship can be terminated. This cannot be said for permanent employees. Even if you are done or unsatisfied with the project, you cannot just cut them off.

  • For example, if you hire permanent employees to work on a project that lasts a month, you cannot terminate their services when the project ends. You now have a financial obligation to your permanent workers, and you may end up paying a worker who is doing very little or no work.

Freelancers cut the risk in half that would often come with managing an in-house team

Top-notch services

  • Freelancers are usually outstanding in their area of specialization. The freelancer with the most skill, talent, and experience will stand out among employers. Unless you can find a niche that fits a unique skill that you have, most other sectors are populated and competitive. Therefore, freelancers must continuously update their talent and toolset.

  • The implication of this is that, for a particular job, there are several excellent freelancers available. They know they have to offer their best services if they are to survive in the industry.

  • This culminates in rendering the highest quality service possible when they are employed.

Get top notch services at very affordable rates when you work with the team at Cube&Arrow Inc.

Perfect for specific projects

  • Many permanent employees are skilled in a wide range of areas. This is not necessarily a good thing all the time, because it means there is less specialization. Permanent employees may handle superficial projects in a specific area very well.

  • Still, they may falter on more in-depth, more specific projects. So, while they can do a lot of things, they can do a few very specific things.

  • Freelancers usually focus on just one area. Specializing in one area makes them better than employees who work in many areas. If the project you need is one that is very specific or deep in a particular area, hiring freelancers is the best choice.

Freelancers are perfect for specialized projects that require technical skills

Easy to access and hire

  • Freelancers are very easy to find and hire.

  • There are platforms now where you can find freelancers easily. Some of the platforms are Upwork, 99Designs, CloudPeeps. You can easily access freelancers on these platforms depending on the type of job you need. You can check us out on Upwork as well.

  • Once you have accessed the freelancers, you can easily pick who to hire. Unlike with permanent employees, where the process if often tedious your firm can gain easy access to freelancers, hire them, and work starts immediately.

Freelancers are easily accessible online at your earliest convenience.

Reduces the workload on the company staff

  • Many times, it may be best to outsource a project to freelancers rather than giving it to employees. For small and medium scaled firms this may be the best solution. The higher the workload on employees, the lower their productivity.

  • Many firms are tempted to keep their money in their pockets and just give extra jobs to their employees. This is not a good idea because the service rendered will not be of maximum quality, and this will eventually harm the company.

  • There is also a time factor. Not only will the jobs be of lower quality, but they’ll also take a longer time to be completed. Time is of the utmost essence in business. When there are extra projects to do, consider outsourcing them to freelancers.

Get the time you need to focus on income earning activities. Outsource everything else to teams like those at Cube&Arrow Inc.

More innovation and diversity

  • There are freelancers all over the world. They have gathered knowledge and information from different clients all around the world. The right freelancers can offer your company an edge on many projects.

  • Working with several different clients, all in different locations enables the freelancer to gain valuable information about how a project would work perfectly. That extra bit of diversity can do your company a great deal of good.

Freelancing teams are diverse. Access a global pool of talent through outsourcing

Maintaining the company payroll structure

  • Many companies are taxed based on the number of workers they have. This means a company with thirty employees and a company with sixty employees, in the same industry, maybe taxed very differently.

  • For developing firms, increasing the total number of employees may be harmful tax-wise. Freelancers are not permanent employees, so more work could be done by a company without having to employ new workers and paying more taxes.

Freelancers are often a cost-effective solution for any business.

The world is evolving, and so is the workforce. Hiring freelancers is the perfect choice for one-off jobs, projects that do not require daily service or short-term projects. You will be guaranteed five-star projects, and you may even save costs in the process. Hire the right freelancers, and you will not regret it.

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