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10 Skills That Will Help You to Become A Rounded Freelancer.

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

There are many skillsets that can be made into a lucrative freelancing job. Although, it proves more rewarding to have knowledge and experience in other marketable areas, as this will open doors to numerous job opportunities. Becoming a rounded freelancer allows you to market yourself as a business, with your own signature brand.

As your business become more recognized and sought after, you may consider expanding the manpower. This means, employing and training 1 or 2 persons to help with key roles. Overtime, you have a start-up on your hands, steadily growing and gaining traction.

Yes, you can build a whole business by starting as a freelancer.

Making Money As An experienced Freelancer
Becoming a Well-Rounded Freelancer

Here is a list of 10 skills that anyone venturing into Freelancing should consider sharpening.

1. Customer Service

2. Communication Skills

3. Application Software

4. Virtual Assistant

5. Writing & Editing

6. Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O)

7. Social Media Marketing (S.M.M.)

8. Graphic design and Photography

9. Web Design

10. Sales

You do not need to be an expert to begin, but you definitely need to attain these skills sooner rather than later.

Customer Service

The most common and reliable skill required for remote work is Customer Service. With almost every business moving their operations online due to the pandemic, the need for Customer Service Representatives (C.S.R) is even greater. All you would need to work as a remote C.S.R is a computer reliable internet connection.

Communication Skills

It is often taken for granted that working as a Customer Service Representative (C.S.R) equates to good communication skills. Nothing could be further from the truth. While companies screen for proper English speakers who can intonate effortlessly and read well.

However, many agents lack active and passive listening, understanding, and processing information, empathy, and general regard for people, all of which are essential aspects of communicating and deciphering information. Unfortunately, many companies do not screen for these areas, so adequate training is not provided to all C.S.Rs.

As a freelancer, you must learn and employ all techniques of good communication, for you will be interacting with people from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities. This means taking the time to understand the culture, time zone, and requirements of your clients. Some cultures are more perceptive of attitudes and demeanor than others, so be respectful and professional with everyone you interact with. Show them that you are open, eager, and ready to work.

Application Software

Familiarize yourself with Application Software such as Word Processing Tools, Spreadsheets, and Presentation Tools as an introduction to the business world.

Word Processing Tools enables you to create, save, edit, and print written texts like reports, letters, resumes, or memos. This tool also offers automatic grammar checks to ensure proper sentence structure and appropriate language.

Spreadsheet Software

The average person familiar with one Word Processing Tool or another, but many are not too skilled with Spreadsheet applications. A spreadsheet is a file made of rows and columns to calculate numerical data and effectively arrange and organize information. A Spreadsheet program is unique due to its ability to calculate values using mathematical formulas and other data in cells.


A Presentation Software that uses slides to represent information with multimedia features. It is used to create business and educational presentations that can be exported into slide show videos.

Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant is ultimately an online Secretary or an Administrative Assistant. Business owners and entrepreneurs rely on virtual assistants to schedule appointments from a remote location, conduct research on topics, send and respond to emails.

Obtaining skills sets in Communication, Customer Service, and Application Software can aid in this role's performance.

Writing & Editing

For sometime, writing has been a long, tedious process to finish up a great novel. This may be true for some fiction writers. However, the most incredible boost for any writer is the completion of their work. Writing shorter pieces allows writers to get to the finish line faster. Each completed work translates to a small accomplishment.

Many job opportunities require good short writing. While working on that great novel, a writer has the options of working remotely to write articles, web content, social media content, resumes, eBooks, technical manuals, journalism, and other forms of copywriting.

Another critical skill freelancers would benefit from is the ability to edit documents and articles. In addition to your knowledge of your preferred language, there are tools and software available to assist with the editing process. Be sure to take advantage of them.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing your site’s visibility for relevant searches. This allows your pages to be prominent in search results and provides a greater chance of attracting the attention of prospective and existing customers to your business.

To achieve this, you must understand how SEOs work. Search engines like M.S. Edge, Google, or Safari use bots to scan pages on the web to collecting data about those pages and arranging them in an index. Then, algorithms analyze pages in the index, considering thousands of ranking indications to determine each page's order in the search results. SEO factors include content quality and keyword research are essential factors of content optimization, and mobile-friendliness are important site development factors. Freelancers may increase their marketability with a good knowledge of SEOs. Every business wants to be seen, and you will have a job once you can make that happen.

Social Media Marketing (S.M.M.)

Organizations looking to ramp up their online presence would need to contract a Social media marketer. This skill is highly in demand since the pandemic, so you might want to brush up on your knowledge. The goal of S.M.M. is to:

  • Building conversions

  • Creating a brand identity and positive brand association

  • Improving communication and interaction with key audiences

Achieving these goals requires a large and engaged audience. You can achieve this using SEOs. Over time you will find that each skill on this list enhances the other and together makes for one competent and rounded freelancer.

Graphic Design and Photography

Like writers, freelance graphic designers and photographers have the freedom to create. These areas are primarily populated by artists and designers who love their craft. As such, these skills may be challenging to master if these areas are not your preferred or natural gifts. However, this does not mean someone without natural talent is unable to adapt.

What this means is, with the demand for graphic designers, it is tempting to learn the basics so that you can join the market, but we urge you to invest the required time and energy into learning and practicing the craft before taking on jobs. Keep in mind that the demand is mainly from start-up companies looking to grow their brand, so a keen knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and other graphic design software is essential. Whether content creation or graphic design, your work will be representing both the company and your brand, so always ensure that you put your best foot forward.

Web Designer

A bit more complicated but in demand are Web Designers. Organisations such as start-ups, charities are in search of this talent. Ultimately, Web Designers create the look and layout, and interactive features of web pages.

Web Design is another great skill to have in addition to all the others previously mentioned. By now, you are a walking business, so consider structuring your brand.


Sales representatives are now mainly hired as contractors. Many organizations find this method to be more cost-effective than employing a permanent rep. To facilitate this need, agencies hire freelance sales reps that are assigned to an organization for the duration of a project.

Whether you chose to work independently or with a B.P.O. Agency, experience in sales is highly beneficial and lucrative if it is the market for you.

When choosing to become a freelancer, do not make that choice lightly. You can easily encounter challenges in this career as you would any other. Be sure to consider your options, understand your skills and those you need to become a successful freelancer, and then work towards achieving them. Success in this field requires excellent self-discipline, self-motivation, self-awareness, and self-actualization. In short, success in this field depends on YOU.

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