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8 Lucrative Online Job Markets

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Last week we explored 10 Skills for Becoming A Rounded Freelancer. Now here are eight high paying markets we would like to recommend. While it is smart for freelancers to possess diverse skills, it is best to acquire skills to help you become successful in one market.

8 Lucrative Online Job Markets for new and seasoned freelancers

For instance, as a writer, you may consider learning skills in copywriting, proof editing, content marketing, graphic design, and basic web development. Individually, those skills may land you a few jobs here and there, but together they will make you into a small business.

Online In-Demand Jobs

Software Development

One of the most in-demand, high-paying freelance job today is Software Development. With the average pay of $42/hour, you stand to gain approximately $336 for a full 8-hour workday. Software Development requires a substantial amount of time to develop and design software programs through coding, debugging, testing, and troubleshooting. So, ensure that you nail down your allotted hours and work within them. Based on the client’s preference and specifications, additional hours may be negotiated.

Knowledge of multiple programming languages, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Visual Basic, Swift, C-Sharp, PHP, Ruby, or XML is often required for Software Development. You will need to invest real money and time into obtaining official credentials and practice to develop proper coding skills. Additionally, creating a strong portfolio highlighting past work and experience helps you earn a higher rate.

Attaining all requirements, you now have to build your reputation. The more advanced programming languages you are fluent in, you may start charging a high rate.

Web Development

The key role of a Web Developer is to create websites. When done well, all site areas operate seamlessly, from the navigation features to the colors and graphics, right down to the images and special effects.

There is a great demand for web designers, but, like most popular high-paying industries that are easy to learn, it sometimes gets crowded. To combat this issue, ensure that you :

1. Remain competitive and refine your skills by learning new technologies and frameworks as they are released.

2. Offer code review services. This helps to identify small problems in a code before they turn into bugs on the client’s site.

3. Sandbox your codes before putting them into production.

  • You can sandbox your code by creating a server feature on your computer.

  • Setting up this testing environment allows you to identify mistakes and debug to ensure that your codebase operates smoothly. Sandboxing enables you to play around and conduct trials and errors without any harmful reproductions.

Content Marketing

Online marketing trends and the development of new methodologies, such as Inbound Marketing has made content writing a desirable field for freelancers.

From the comfort of your home, you can create content for businesses for an average of $50/ hour.

A competent Content Marketer must write a lot, read a lot, and, above all else, have a creative mind to write enticing content that pays well. A skilled Content Marketer must also possess a robust knowledge of fundamental digital systems such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), data analytics, user experience, CRM marketing, and a firm grasp of social trends to produce relevant and attractive content.


Copywriting is directed towards advertising and marketing purposes. Copywriters write ad copies, articles, taglines, newsletters, eBooks, social media biographies, blogs, guides, press releases, and product descriptions. Like a Content Marketer, knowledge of SEO and social trends enhances the quality and visibility of the content and secures a high pay rate.

Today, writing remains one of the most prominent remote jobs in the gig economy. With content dominating modern marketing, copywriters’ charged rates depend on each freelancer’s level of experience and skill.

Graphic Design

Graphic designers create art and visual materials for posters, product packaging, ads, websites, and social media posts. Formal education and a strong design portfolio are essential. It is crucial to keep abreast of industry trends and new tools to refine your designer skills continuously.'

Infographics, logos, icons, and other branding illustrations are in great demand today. Like all creative fields, skilled graphic designers must develop an eye for unique and imaginative designs.


With an eye for detail, superb excel knowledge, industry awareness, and a firm understanding of tax laws and best practices, Accountants maintain financial records and document financial transactions. Some typical duties of an Accountant are handling ledger accounts, preparing balance sheets, and creating financial reports. A bachelor’s degree and the appropriate licensing are required to charge higher rates.


Transcription is the conversion of speech to a written text.

With the rise of digital meetings, video conferencing, and webinars, transcriptionists’ demand should also increase. If you are fluent in foreign languages, then the market for your services just got wider.

To be noticed in this industry, create a professional website and list positive references or feedbacks from clients as you get them. This sets you apart from those “trying it out,” and instantly, interested organizations will know that you are a professional.

Here is a list of key areas for professional Translators.

  • Foreign Language Transcription - This specialized service is often used to translate the audio from English to another language or vice versa. You will need to be fully fluent in both languages involved in the transcription.

  • Medicine - Medical translators, or healthcare translators, convert patient information, physicians’ advice and diagnoses, pharmacological instructions, and hospitals’ informational brochures into a second language.

  • Entertainment - This category involves transcribing and captioning movies, talk shows, radio shows, song lyrics, news programs, or podcasts.

  • Legal System – Transcriptionists are hired by law firms, courts, and other legal professionals for in-person transcription, as well as remote transcribing of pre-court depositions, court testimony, and other legal interactions


  • Business and Finance -Companies use transcription services to document the verbal exchanges in events like board meetings, conference calls, and other business-related interactions. This form of transcription is called Meeting Minutes or Minutes.

  • Academia - Transcribers in this role, you may be asked to document seminars, lectures, academic presentations, or research-related work from events that include professors, students, and others in the educational field.

Professional Educator

As online learning increases due to the pandemic, professors can easily access temporary or permanent high-paying freelance jobs as tutors or lecture a class. To take advantage of this opportunity, professors will generally need a master’s degree. After this, you can structure the course curriculum, assess student progress, mentor, and more.

When choosing to become a freelancer, carefully consider the market you wish to start in and think of the skills needed to succeed within that field. As much as possible, avoid taking on multiple jobs in unrelated markets, which may lead to loss of interest, passion, inspiration, and most importantly, productivity.

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