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Benefits of using an Answering Service for your business

Calls and more calls! It sounds like money, right? Every business owner that we have ever met or interviewed always measures the notoriety of their business based on the number of client calls and referrals that they receive. In today's world, most companies are operating in the online sphere. Consequently, many marketing efforts are geared towards social media, Google My Business, and other platforms that support the growth of online business efforts.

As a business owner, you probably get a good amount of calls during peak hours. If we're to do a full assessment of the times that you receive calls, however, we'd noticed that all your customers don't align with this 9-5 window. So what happens outside of your regular business hours? The answer is quite simple: calls go unanswered, appointments go to the wind, and sales are missed.

The million-dollar question is, how do we fix this?

Well, we've got the answer you're looking for - an answering service.

If you're new to the Business Process Outsourcing Industry (BPO), this might be a new term for your vocabulary.

What is an Answering Service?

An answering service is a company that answers calls on behalf of another business.

Which companies/ industries use an Answering Service?

Answering services are used in many industries, including:

- Doctor's Office/Healthcare

- Roadside Assistance Company

- Law Firm

- Non-Medical Emergency Companies

- (Contractors- Air Duct, HVAC, Locksmith, and others)

- Vet Office

- Energy


-Non- Profit

An answering service allows you to offer your customers around-the-clock service. Your customers should get an answer whenever they reach out, especially if you provide an essential service. Most critical business operations occur between the typical 9-5 business hours window.

At the same time, however, your customers should be your priority. One way to achieve this would be to provide them with a live person to speak with outside of your regular opening hours. So, why not stand out from your competition?

Most answering services speak with your customers, schedule meetings with prospects, take messages, pass them on to the relevant departments, and send urgent alerts whenever something requires your immediate attention. In this way, your customers are always attended to, and potential customers have an excellent first impression of how your business operates. Furthermore, an answered call versus a missed call can differ between life and death, depending on your industry.

Let's break it down! What can an Answering Service do for you?

  • Answer calls during peak hours:

Hiring a company to manage all your calls during peak hours can be highly cost-effective. The company will manage the agents, handle all your recruitment needs while you can enjoy the convenience of having a scalable team on hand.

  • Answer calls during closing hours/ After-hours support

If you currently use in-house reps to manage your day-to-day workload, it is always best to diversify your options for the after-hours support team. You can find multiple answering service businesses online that will provide you with greater flexibility and more options.

  • Provide Overflow call support

Never fear when call volumes get out of hand. If you have contracted with an Answering service, they or US (:-)) can handle these high-volume calls for you.

So what are you waiting for? You could be losing loads of money by simply excluding customers that reach out to you outside your regular business hours. At Cube&Arrow, we can fill your answering service needs. We have a wide range of representatives, and we operate on a 24 hour work schedule, so all time zones are welcome.

If you're interested in learning more about our wide range of services, feel free to reach out to us at or give us a call at +1 727 266 3979 (international) 876-616-8931 (local).

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