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The digital presence of a business is the lifeblood of its success in today’s competitive

market. Businesses are shifting from brick and mortar stores to online stores and online

presence through well-developed websites. You have been looking forward to taking

your online marketing a notch higher through planning, but you are wondering where to

begin. Selecting an excellent web hosting provider is part of the job, and it could be

the best place to begin.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a service offered by a company provider using systems and technology

to make your website visible on the internet. The web host stores or “hosts” your

website on special computers called servers. These servers connect other web users

from all over the world to your website. When your clients or internet users want to

access your website, they will only need to type the website address on the browser.

Their computers will link with host servers with an internet connection, delivering your

webpages through the browser.

Several web hosting providers often require that you have a domain that they can host

with or require you to purchase a domain for hosting your website. Web hosting

providers have the connectivity, servers, and related services to facilitate your online

presence. They also offer various hosting plans to allow businesses, from large

corporations to small blogs, to anchor their content online. Today there are many web

hosting companies, numbering into hundreds, providing various web hosting plans.

You will choose a plan that suits your business goals and how much you intend to use

on web hosting.

How Web Hosting Work

The website developed by web designers and developers is simply a collection of various files that need to be stored. The storehouse for these files is in the server of the hosting company. A web host will “host” your website’s database, media, files, and any other thing needed for the website’s proper functioning. The storage capacity available for you will depend on the hosting plan you choose. Beginners and small businesses or blogs will probably rent shared hosting with other websites to scale to renting the whole physical server as your traffic needs increase.

After signing up for a web hosting package, you will be given access to the server via a

cPanel solution, making it easier for you to upload files. Additionally, you can also install

CMS such as WordPress that is built on your site. Web hosting works well with a

registered domain to help the host allocate your files.

Best Web Hosting Providers of 2021.

As mentioned, hundreds of web hosting companies in the market can leave you

wondering which one you should choose. After examining your business needs and

budget, here is a list of the best web hosting providers.

Bluehost is one of the most popular web hosting providers globally, known for its friendliness to beginners. Its prices are lower and are tailored to suit organizations or individuals new to website building. Bluehost’s customer support system is efficient, offering 24/7 phone and live chat communication support. Additionally, they offer clients SEO tools and analytics for optimizing website traffic and attracting new visitors. Their SEO tool enables you to see the score and track the performance of keywords on your website, giving the idea of optimizing your website for improved search engine rankings. Moreover, they provide an expandable plan that allows you to upgrade when your business grows without needing to undergo new acquisitions.

Hostinger providers offer the cheapest overall hosting plan. For example, they allow clients to pay $ 1.39 per month for four years to afford an upfront payment as a promotional price. Even after the promotional period lapses, the prices are still considerably low, with a single-site plan costing $2.99 per month. Hostinger also provides marketing for you and offers UI for your site’s management. At a monthly price of $0.99, Hostinger can host your emails and provide you will good site speed, uptime, and 24/7 support.

They are known in the industry as defenders of the little guys, best-suited for simple websites. If you need a simple website with no extra features, Hostgator is your provider. Businesses running websites for collecting visitors’ contact, sales leads, or the about us page can benefit from Hostgator web hosting. They also provide technical support and are available for live chats, phone, and email support. Different from other providers, Hostgator offers support to all its hosting plans, including cheap ones. Moreover, they provide additional hosting such as VPS hosting, Windows and Linux hosting, cloud hosting, and dedicated servers.

It is eco-friendly than all other web host companies by using renewable energy for powering their operations. In addition to being environmentally friendly, their web hosting services are excellent, providing solid uptime and fast speed. The company also provide some excellent solution for shared hosting, reseller web hosting, WordPress Hosting, and Virtual Private Servers. GreenGreek also keeps up to date with the current technology such as SSD, PHP7, and CDN to ensure your website is constantly secure and fast. You can also benefit from their 24/7 support through live chat, phone, or ticket system to assist you on several issues. GreenGreek web hosting providers are loved by eco-conscious individuals.

This web hosting provider is excellent in providing VPS hosting, dedicated web hosting, and WordPress hosting for those projecting rapid growth. Ecommerce businesses can benefit from the array of eCommerce hosting services provided by Nexcess, such as WooCommerce, Drupal, BigCommerce, Magento, WordPress, Craft CMS, ExpressionEngine, and Orocrm. If you have an intention of opening an online store, choose Nexcess for hosting your website. They have a Nexcess Cloud Accelerator that allows for expansion and increased speed of your site. It offers a range of hosting plans for eCommerce businesses to scale up.

Elementor web hosting providers are known for their efficiency in building websites and WordPress hosting. They serve web professionals such as designers, marketers, and developers to help boost new websites created after every ten seconds on the platform. Several Elementor templates are available for free, in addition to a cleaner interface that facilitates the creative process. Elementor has advanced features that enable you to see your design’s outcome when assembling your webpage. You will not need previous CSS or HTML coding knowledge for Elementor’s WordPress plugin since it is compatible with any WordPress theme. They offer paid and free versions with different templates to keep your website looking professional. Elementor is more of a website builder than a host, which it also provides.


Building a good website is not enough to achieve its intended goal; you need your website to be seen and attract more traffic. Contracting a web host provider to host your website on its servers is a process worth investing in to determine the success of your site. After planning your needs, goals, and budget, you should now go shopping for an appropriate web host that can keep your website shining.

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