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Helpful Copywriting Tips When Publishing Content For Your Blog

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

What Is Copywriting?

Copywriting is the craft of writing the text needed for sales promotions and other marketing materials such as products, services, fundraising campaigns and the list goes on. The product, called copy or sales copy, is written content that aims to persuade its target readers to take action, whether it's buying something, entering an email address, donating money, or just simply clicking a button.

Writing sales copy, articles and blog content for a client| Cube&Arrow Inc
Sales Copy | Cube&Arrow Inc

Copywriting Vs Copyright

Copywriting is a skill that one needs to create written content with a goal for its readers to do an action. Mainly used for marketing, copywriting has evolved into many types, such as SEO Copywriting, Direct-Response Copywriting, Social Media Posts Copywriting, Technical Copywriting, Creative Copywriting, and the list goes on.

Copyright, on the other hand, is the protection of the intellectual property. Having copyright means only the original creator and its authorized body have the right to recreate or reproduce the “property”. Property can be books, articles, or other pieces of writings; photos, sculptures, or other graphic illustrations; music, movies, and any other types of media; computer software, architectural works, and other derivative works.

Why Do I Need To Have A Good Copy On My Blog?

Copywriters are experts in sales: they write intending to sell. Any type of business or enterprise that wants their company to have an online presence understands that having a website is only part of the picture. Having great landing pages and an active blog not only attracts visitors and potential buyers they also convert new and returning ones into customers. Having a copywriter on your team, thus, is crucial to the success of your website as they approach written content creation through their marketing expertise. They write blog posts and articles through the eyes of a seller.

Effective Copywriting Tips For Blogging

In creating an effective copy for your products, services, landing pages, or blog posts, there are tons of inspiring resources you can find on the internet. For the sake of knowing the top tricks of the trade, here are some of the noteworthy ones to keep in your writing arsenal:

Make Them Feel Something

In writing great copies for your blog, you have to get in touch with your readers' emotional side. Write using your target audience’s language. Using the language your audience speak will allow them to easily relate to what you are trying to say. For example, if you are selling dog treats, write your words from a dog’s perspective. Not only your copy will be fun to read, but it will also be appealing to your readers, especially to dog lovers. According to a report by Psychology Today, a reader’s emotional response to a written ad is found to be more influential than their decision to buy the actual product being advertised. 

Write What Your Customers Want

Customers are willing to spend their hard-earned money if they know that you care about the things you are selling. Write to them in a way that shows you value what they hope to achieve. When you write a copy for anything at all, your readers- the prospect buyers- should feel they’re getting more compared to what they’re paying. However, don’t exaggerate to the point you are misleading them. Use this strategy to “seal the deal” after you have given them a detailed summary of what you are trying to sell.

Don’t Underestimate The Power Of “Small”

Using the words ‘small’ or ‘only’ and emphasizing it are proven to compel even the conservative buyers to spend money and take advantage of what you are offering. The goal of copywriting is to get your readers to make them do what you want them to do. One of the best ways to do that is to write a “hook” that what they are paying for is cheaper compared to the value of what they will be getting (refer to above). By highlighting the product’s price with the word ‘small' or ‘only’, you are giving them the impression that spending that amount is something they can easily afford.

Show Them The Bad Side

Don’t be afraid to write in a negative sense. In writing a sales copy, you need to make sure you can reach your readers by making them understand what you are selling. That means you need to write in detail the features of your product or services and how they can benefit them. If you're highlighting a pain point of what you are selling is trying to solve, using negative words can help you make your case.

Use More Verbs Than Adjectives

Yes, the product is beautiful. Yes, our service is pleasant. Yes, what we sell is appealing. As a copywriter, keep yourself from using too many adjectives in describing a product. If you want your readers to take action and buy your product, make them do so by inserting action words like using verbs to describe it to them. By using verbs, you are subliminally sending a message to your prospective buyers. Instead of using ‘efficient’ to describe a certain service, like telemarketing, use ‘streamlined’ instead. As streamlined is still an adjective, using this word denotes that an action has been made to ‘streamline’ the subject (telemarketing).

Don’t Hold On Words

Smart copywriters use powerful words to make their readers take action, and using certain persuasive words works like a charm. They know that using such words triggers a psychological or emotional response from their readers. They're called ‘power words’ because they hold so much impact, people can't resist their influence. Words like exclusive, results, only, now, the list goes on, are like what catnip is to cats. Use these words together to make your copy even more effective:. For example: This exclusive telemarketing service that produces real results is only available here at Cube&Arrow, Inc. Act now!

Tell, Not Sell

By now, almost everyone who wants to succeed online has used the power of advertising to reach their new prospects and re-target previous ones. Along with it, people who are frequently online are now used to seeing ads and sales pitches. As more and more people get used to seeing marketing ads from companies who have been tracking them, people have trained themselves to spot the signs of a sales pitch and block it right away. That is why in writing a copy for a product or service, writing a compelling story will do the trick. Crafting a story to sell will allow the writer to use all the tricks listed here, making their copy as potent as it can be.

Optimizing Your Copy

In optimizing the copy for your products and services, tools like a printed dictionary or a web app like Grammarly can aid you in making sure your written words are correctly spelled and have no grammatical errors. Word processors like Microsoft Word or MacOS’ Pages have a built-in spelling checker to correct your mistakes on the spot. Aside from these software tools, a few simple writing tricks like altering your headline, checking for consistency, or changing your offer can make your sales copy truly stands out.

For effective copywriting for your landing pages or blog, check out our writing service offering here at Cube&Arrow Inc. We provide a wide range of outsourced services like content writing, customer service, and telemarketing solutions to help businesses like you achieve their vision and optimize performance and productivity.

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