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It’s Time to Fire Yourself

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Every business owner or entrepreneur achieves some level of success by putting lots of time and effort into their business, but these efforts may not propel them to the next level of success. If you dance around or work too long in the end zone, then you may lose your focus and detach yourself from the rest of the game plan.

Therefore, it's time to fire yourself because doing it all by yourself to show your capabilities is working against you.

A thinking business owner who needs to outsource her business processes | Cube & Arrow Inc
How Did I Get Fired? | Cube & Arrow Inc

Trying to do everything on your own is toxic. It stagnates your business growth and reduces your inner happiness. The wise entrepreneur or business owner understands that where to focus and keep their energy. They oversee their business and look at the bigger picture, focusing on delivering value to their clients and enjoying their life to the fullest.

So, it's time to shake up! Fire yourself and focus on the tasks that foster the scaling of your business. Think about what's holding you back from giving your best and killing your precious time. You have to free yourself from doing all extra activities that just about anyone else can do.

You can achieve your vision and optimize your performance and productivity by hiring virtual professionals for your business. Give that extra workload to someone who thrives on doing mundane tasks. Spend your time on the tasks that will help your business grow exponentially. Here's a list of some aspects of your business that you can comfortably outsource.

Customer support

Content Writing


Administrative tasks


Customer Support

Many business owners start off handling all their customer support, sales, and VA needs independently. At the start, it might feel like you're saving money, but you are losing time and money. So what's the solution? Outsourcing.

Virtual customer support teams can help your customers 24*7 and enhance productivity. When you hire a virtual customer support agent, you can rely on them to handle your routine and technical customer support issues. Outsourced teams operate like an in-house team, managing calls, tickets, and emails via online systems.

By hiring a Virtual customer support assistant, you can reduce your operational costs by saving office expenses as they work remotely. Also, your customers will feel satisfied knowing that they are dealing with humans, not robots. When your customers feel confident in your ability to resolve their issues promptly, they will reward your business with their loyalty.

Content writing

Hiring a content writer will optimize multiple aspects of your business. It could be blog writing, article writing, copywriting, or sales writing; Content Writers know how to get the job done. Hiring an experienced Content Writer will place your business in front of the right clients and customers. They will handle your website content creation on all levels, enabling you to focus on your company's goals.

Content Writers have SEO knowledge capable of making you a leader in your industry. Potential clients often search online for organizations to partner with on projects. The online space is an entirely different world, and it requires critical personnel with the know-how to navigate it.


A qualified Sales team is the engine behind most if not all business models. There are many benefits of outsourcing your cold calling and cold emailing needs. Remote Telemarketing professionals often operate on commission systems that allow you to reduce your business expenditure because you pay for the results only, not the hours worked. You can hire a remote contact center without purchasing any equipment or having any office space, and they will handle high volumes of calls and emails daily.

Customer relationship management is crucial for any profitable business. Almost 60% of customers are always willing to pay more for a better experience. Remote employees are more motivated than in-house ones, and the flexible work arrangements improve employee retention, which leads your business to grow.

Virtual Assistant

The biggest asset anyone can have is time, not money, because once time is gone, it's gone. Entrepreneurs who spend most of their time addressing low-level administrative tasks will get little to no fulfillment out of their business. You should spend your time doing what you love to do, not what you have to do.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant empowers you to focus on your goals while they manage all your administrative tasks. Virtual Assistants provide Calendar management, Email handling, Call handling, Scheduling, and other Administrative services to their employers. Their scope of work varies from industry to industry as they manage processes and streamline operations. The longer a VA works with you, the more ideas they suggest to make your business operate at an optimum level. Having someone who can faithfully delegates tasks to is priceless and gives you peace of mind.

Virtual Training

Your staff can gain quality advice from experts virtually. Learners only have to login into the eLearning platform to hone new skills via video simulations. One of the benefits of virtual training is that it offers your staff a continuous learning experience, and they remain up-to-date in their field.

It is very cost-effective as organizations do not need to worry about the cost of training material. Students can ask questions using headsets or a chat window and clarify their doubts, just like traditional classrooms.

So, giving up some control might be best for your organization in the long run. There is nothing wrong with Stepping back and letting others play vital roles to help your company grow faster. Business is often stress-filled, so try to relieve yourself of some tasks and hire virtual professionals who will benefit your health and fuel your creativity. You can only do so much as one individual, and it wouldn't hurt to save some money and focus on achieving goals that will grow your business to higher heights.

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